Simplified Land Titling

In my book Simplified Land Titling, which I have now published, I have brought together my 37 years' alert experience in Ireland's Land Registry, my subsequent work as a Land Registration Consultant, my study of Information Technology and my thought on the problems of land-titling throughout the world.

This is not a description of Ireland's, or any country's, registration system, but a prescription for a totally new approach, with worldwide applicability.

This book, under my pen-name "Krunchie Killeen," is available from Amazon in paperback and also on Kindle. To find it, you can access an Amazon website and search for "Simplified Land Titling" or for "Krunchie Killeen," or click any of the following links, depending on which country is yours, to bring you directly to the right Amazon page:

Worldwide problems of Land-titling: 

Hernando de Soto in his book The Mystery of Capital powerfully explained how lack of documentary titles holds two thirds of the  world's population in poverty.

"... they lack the process to represent their property and create capital. They have houses but not titles, crops but not deeds, business but not statutes of incorporation. It is the unavailability of these essential representations that explains why people who have adopted every other Western invention, from the paper clip to the nuclear reactor, have not been able to produce sufficient capital to make their domestic capitalism work.
“This is the mystery of capital. Solving it requires an understanding of why Westerners, by representing assets with titles, are able to see and draw out capital from them."

The Solution: "Simplified Land Titling"

In my book, I describe a simplified system of title registration that solves the problem. I make land registration and the whole process of land-titling extremely simple and low-cost. I show how my system can be used to solve the problems of shanty-towns and  slums and bring extra-legal titles into legality.

I take inspiration from the "staking of claims" of the Californian gold-miners of 1849,  from the amazing land-titling project of Thailand (1985 - present), inspired by Professor Ian Williamson of New South Wales, from the Micro-financing-cum-para-legal-title-registration project of Opportunity International in Ghana (in the early stages of which I was a consultant), and from the recent developments in Information Technology.

Where a system with some features like SLT has already been implemented:

  • In Albania a claimant can register his claim, following which there is a period of 45 days for objections, before the registration is made Absolute (a new system influenced by the World Bank).

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